Krishna Ghimire February 15, 2020

After processing the DV lottery result, we have to go with documents needed for further processing. Every winner must have to include scan copy of their original documents which is needed for a DV lottery process. In the process of second letter winner must have to fill DS260 form with all the scan copy of […]

Krishna Ghimire February 14, 2020

Teacher Service Commission (TSC) has published new Basic (Primary & Lower Secondary) level curriculum for open competitive examination-2076. Curriculum is given below: Click the link below to download PDF of curriculum: 15816038691581597882आधारभुत तह (निम्नमाध्यमिक र प्राथमिक) तहको सामान्य परीक्षाको पाठ्यक्रम

Krishna Ghimire January 25, 2020

Under the school education, grade 9 to 12 have been changed as secondary education. Secondary education has been categorized into three as general, technical and vocational and traditional. The traditional education system, including Gurukul, Gonpa Vihar, Madarsa, Mandhum has been integrated into secondary education. The curriculum structure of secondary education will be one-way. Click link […]

Krishna Ghimire August 25, 2019

1. How to subscribe/unsubscribe Caller Tune Service (CRBT) in NTC ? To subscribe/activate the caller tunes service in Ntc, you need to Either send a message sub to 1455. You can chose a song by knowing the tone id in advance and send in the format “Sub tone ID” to 1455. You can even select a song by listening through […]

Krishna Ghimire June 30, 2019

Students who are not satisfied with their marks in any subject they are able to re-totaling. For this, rupees 500 for each subject and necessary details must be submitted to the examination office or the Education Development Directorate of the State or the Education Development and Coordination Unit of the district within 15 days. The […]

Krishna Ghimire June 18, 2019

NEB will publish SEE result soon, most of the students are waiting their SEE Result. Last recent news about the SEE result is that it will delay due to the re-examination in Pradesh 2 and it will come third week of the Ashad. After the publication of the SEE result most of the students are […]

Krishna Ghimire April 13, 2019

Smart licensing is a system which consists of license holder’s information stored in a small chip. The small chip which have software inside to manage license holder’s information any time. Smart license are formulated in such a way that they are easy to under stand and can be used by everyone. Smart Licenses are the […]

Krishna Ghimire April 1, 2019

विश्वमा भएका सबै फोनहरु त्यो सस्तो होस् वा महँगो होस् सबै फोनमा IMEI Number हुन्छ जसको मदद्ले मोबाइललाई चिन्न सकिन्छ सबै मोबाइल मा IMEI Number फरक हुन्छ त्यसैले जस्तो खालको मोबाइल वा कुनैपनि कम्पनीको मोबाइल होस् IMEI Number बिना त्यो मोबाइलले काम गर्न सक्दैन त्यसैले गर्दा IMEI Number को बारेमा हामी सबैलाई जानकारी हुन जरुरि […]