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When you lost your mobile you need to either visit the Police station or the telecom company to request for the lost or stolen phones. As NTA has started to register complains about the lost/stolen mobile phones, now people need not spend some time to visit those places. With the same portal earlier used for registration of mobile phone IMEI from NTA, you can report online for the lost/stolen mobile phone in Nepal. Here is the process for how to report lost phone in Nepal.

To report for the stolen/lost phone online, at first, you need to log in to the NTA portalIf you already have the account in the portal,  you can log in and register your phone there. If you have not created an account in the portal, you need to create your login as an individual user and provide the detailed information in the form. They will approve later once the information is verified. You also need to provide the scanned copy of any identification of yours like citizenship card or passport.

NTA will use the information provided and ask the telecom operators to search for the mentioned mobile phone. They will also send the information about the mobile phone to the Police. As it is one stop solution to report lost phone, people need not wander around in search of their lost phones. Before, people need to visit the police station time and again to ask if they have found their mobile phones. Some people also visit telecom company office to get the information about their phones.


Once the lost phone is found or mobile phones whereabouts is known, either police or NTA will inform the respective owner. This is the early phase of the reporting the lost mobile phone. This part will be full-fledged once the central EIR system comes into operation. If the information provided is incomplete, NTA will inform about the information from online. They have also enabled to track or block their mobile phone from the system itself.

How to register your mobile phones IMEI ??

If you are a new mobile phone importer or individual, you can register your phones by going to NTA’s portal. Here are the steps to register IMEI phones online in Nepal.

  • Visit NTA portal.
  • Press Sign up for the login or register.
  • Click either New importer or Individual application.
  • Click New register to put your phones IMEI with all the details like Brand name, mobile number, IMEI/ ESN / MEID number, Name, address, identification ( Citizenship or ID card or passport).
  • Upload the identification ID photo (should be less than 3 MB)
  • You also need to put your contact number or email.
  • Then you are done with it.

You can even track or block your already registered phones through this portal. Is not it very nice to have this sort of service?? But when does it work full fledged??

This seems only a demonstration of the system that they will introduce later. As it needs proper guidelines, NTA is also submitting this proposal to cabinet to make the IMEI registration mandatory. IMEI is one of the unique identifier of handsets that is used to identify a phone globally. It is also used by phone companies, telecom operators, government for several purposes. For the users, they need to save this number to track it if lost. You can find this IMEI number in the cover box of every phones.

Telecom company to help NTA for this IMEI registration ?

Although NTA will start this process, it would not be possible if the telecom operators block those illegal phones from operating in their mobile network. So, this database that is in NTA should be synchronous with what the telecom operators have. Also they should be able to block it as per the requirement or customer complain for stolen or lost phones. As the phones are huge in number, they should do it through some automatic process instead of manual. This will happen with the EIR project that NTA is working on now. The EIR will maintain the database at NTA with the customer / Importer and also with the operators. So, it will be advantageous to register, track, query and block those phones through IMEI easily.

Advantages of IMEI registration

  • Online registration makes the mobile companies or authorized ones to do it easily and without any hassle.
  • Individuals can register for their phones easily.
  • Individuals can also track or block their phones through IMEI, ESN or MEID, if it is lost.
  • Grey market phones will go down, which encourages more official channels.
  • Mobile payments will be secure with the identification database of each owner.

So, if you have a phone brought from abroad, you can register it in your own name. So, later if NTA does some sort of agreement with international regulator, then the NTA database can also blacklist those internationally blocked phones. This way, the contract phones or fake lost phones brought from other countries may not even work in Nepal that time.

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