Krishna Ghimire August 13, 2018

USSD Codes are mostly used to create interface between the users and the telecom company. These codes provides a way of accessing different services of the telecom within their network and give users a facility through which user are able to access their services. In this post I will describe some of the codes given by Nepal Telecom:

Service Codes for your mobile:
*#30#           To Display Caller identity to your phone.

*#21#          This code allow you to divert all of your call.

*#31#           This code will display your calling identity to other phone.

*#33#          This code will used for Call barring.

*#61#           This code will divert all of your call if mobile shows out of reach facility

*9#                To find your own NTC mobile number.

Nepal Telecom’s USSD Systems: For Display Balance and validity date and more

*400#           This code is used to display current balance of user.

*411* recharge card digits#     It will recharge your mobile as per amount given on card.

*422*Security code*Mobile number*amount to transfer#        To transfer balance                                                                                                                                     from your Mobile.

*1415#         To get recent mobile data pack for internet surfing.

Codes to change Security on your mobile:
**04*old PIN1*new PIN1*new PIN1#                              Used To Change PIN1 code

**04*old PIN2*new PIN2*new PIN2#                              Used To Change PIN2 code

**05*old PUK1*new PUK1*new PUK2#                          Used To Change PUK1 code

**05*old PUK2*new PUK2*new PUK2#                          Used To Change PUK2 Code


Service Codes for Free call for NTC users:
011616                              Dial to get NTC Voice Mail Box.

1412                                  Dial to recharge NTC mobile

1413                                  Dial & follow instructions to recharge NTC mobile
1414                                  Dial to get connected to NTC Query Service.

1415                                   Dial to get balance query and recharge mobile and

1424                                   for international calls in cheapest rate.

1498                                  Dial to get NTC Customer care.
198                                    Dial for NTC landline for fraud maintenance Service.
1650                                  Dial to get NTC Prepaid Easy Calling Card Service.

1455                                  To activate CRBT service of NTC

Dialing Service codes for NTC Toll-Free Query.
197                                   Dial to Search NTC landline owner’s identity or any other query.
100                                   Dial to get Police Help any time.
101                                   Dial to call Fire Brigade.
102                                   Dial to get Ambulance Service.
1098                                Dial to enquery Child Helpline.

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