Krishna Ghimire August 24, 2018

Second-phase computer based language examination (CBT) is starting from Friday to provide employment opportunity to the returning Nepali workers working in South Korea.

You can download Test date and seat plan from this link : Test Date and CBT Plan for 2nd CBT Test

EPS Korea Branch has nominated 330 candidates for the CBT examination.
Since examination is taken from the computer, that exam will last for about a month. After completing a specialized language examination based computer, the branch will be able to work in Korea for four years and 10 months.

Krishna Prasad Khanal, director of the IPS Korea branch, told that the entire preparation of the examination was completed.

Take care of these things

The CBT exam will be in four seasons. The first session will begin from 9 am in the morning, second session from 10 to 10 o’clock, third session will start from 1 o’clock, and the fourth session will be started at 2½ o’clock. However, the examinees should be admitted to the hall at least half an hour before the appointed time.

Before starting the CBT examination, Origination will be a class in which students will be able to change their work area.

For some reason, the exams can not be included in the examination if it is not possible to participate in this examination.

Candidates will need to take the necessary passport and passport mandatory. EPS branch, which will not be included in language examination for three years, if found in the examination of chit in examination.

Those who pass this test will be able to work in Korea again, but they will not be guaranteed to go to Korea.

The South Korea government has been conducting CBT exams to work again in Korea for working back to the people who work under EPI and return to Korea.

Meanwhile, the candidates who completed the examination of the examination of 2018 language examination will start the work of farming fee from Friday. Seven thousand 998 passes the language examination of 2018.

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