Krishna Ghimire August 27, 2018

In 2011, with lots of trends and discussions, Google launched its social media platforms Google Plus. But despite the tremendous effort, Google Plus is not able to gain popularity among the Internet users.

As a matter of fact, the closing point of closing Google plus platforms has started discussions about reaching Google. Google has formally announced its first step. According to the information on Google Office’s Official Google Plus page, this week the Google Plus will be closed.


Google Followers in Google Plus will now be redirected to the Company’s Official Facebook page and Twitter page.

Google has said: We do not know how to declare it? But the Google Plus page in Google Plus is closing this weekend door. Thank you for all the contributions to the year.

Google did not open due to the last step you took. Although Google France did not post a Google Plus page for the last 46 weeks. It also appears that Google Plus is not inactive. By the post of the announcement closing the last service, the page had 4 million 71 thousand followers.

Google Plus’s official page in France is unlikely to be continued in other countries.

In February, Google Plus Engineer’s manager revealed the new version of Google Plus to Android users. But despite the announcement of 6 months, Google has not brought any new products. The Google Plus official page, the closing step has begun. This is Google’s decision about Google’s decision to decide on the next day.

Remember that there are around 500 million users worldwide.

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