Krishna Ghimire August 29, 2018

The number of internet users in China has reached 80 million. However, now every five people are told that 2 Chinese citizens are outside the internet.

The world’s most populous country, according to China Internet users, is also the world’s largest country.

According to analysts, the number of internet users in China increased rapidly in the past, and has provided large market opportunities to technology companies and increased government access to their citizens.

The number of internet users in China has increased by 3 million in the first six months of 2018. With this Chinese number of Chinese users has reached 80 million. Currently, 57 percent of the Chinese Internet has reached.

China’s official China Internet Network Information Center reported on Monday that only 1.7 percent of them have used internet access through mobile phones.

According to the report, as many as 70 percent of Chinese spend online shopping. Similarly, 56 crore 60 lakhs Chinese consumers have utilized mobile payments which are 7.4 percent higher than last year.

Due to the increasing  in the technical infrastructure of the Chinese government, the number of Internet users is increasing. The users have become enthusiastic after the government has authorized the policy to increase internet speed and also reduce the duty.

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