Krishna Ghimire August 29, 2018

In the present era of information technology, people do not have to pay for cutting-edge and excellent feature computers and other gadgets. But in the race of newness, some decade’s old things are also priceless.

Apple’s company built in the startup phase has become very rarely not only very rare. The same original and rare startup computer of the app is being leaked very quickly.

The launch of the Apple computer is estimated to be worth $3 million, or more than Rs. 3 crores.

Perhaps now there is no such expensive computer anywhere in the world and can be purchased by expensive cars. But the old computer is missing all the value of the app without any work.

The computer of the Apple is also special and valuable in the sense that it has created Apple’s founders Steve Jobs and Steve Vogriyak itself. It was called Apple One Computer.

Jobs and Vogriyak made about 200 pieces of Apple’s computer . It was named Byte Shop. When Apple’s first personal computer store in California was built by Byte Shop, Apple Van Computer was also known as byte shop.

The RR Oxson, located in Boston, USA, is about to accelerate Apple One Computer. The company has said this Apple One computer is currently underway. In the last June of the month, Apple One specialist Cori Cohen has repaired it and completed it in the original and running condition. The purchase of a video can also be made available on the buyer’s request. In addition, its detailed technical status report will also be made available to the buyer of the company. According to him, this computer has now got 10 integer numbers at eight and eight on the basis of its technical condition.

According to the company, it has been operating without any interruption or problem during this period of 8 hours continuous testing.

What has been revealed by this powerful computer, Apple made powerful and sound stuff from the beginning. At that time Apple had a powerful machine in the world. It may not have properly function now. However, this technique is an episode of the everlasting history of the region.

Source : Online Khabar

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