Krishna Ghimire August 30, 2018

The Social Networking Site Facebook has made its own separate streaming video Facebook public for all users. This service was recently available for American users for the past one year.

This new Facebook service will provide users with comprehensive options. Where users can choose their favorite shows. In which a new game from the famous brand will be seen. Also, the clips in the news feed can also be viewed in it.

Many viewers will see advertisements like YouTube in watch videos. However, at the beginning, such advertising services will be available only in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. The user who uploads the video will share the video and share it with Facebook. In which the manufacturer will get 55 percent and Facebook will get 45 percent share.

Facebook would be announcing this service start date on Wednesday. However, due to information detected, did not announce at the default date.

This video streaming video named Facebook Watch Service is considered to be a YouTube compititor.

But Facebook’s Office has been told not only on YouTube but also online outlets like traditional TV channels and Netflix, Amazon Videos, BBC iPlayer and Facebook’s own Instagram TV.

According to a public report for the last time, users have tested Facebook’s Watch Services for testing in America.

The communities named Deffusion had surveyed 1632 adult adult users on this topic. 50% of which told not to hear about Facebook’s Watch Services. When 24 percent said that the matter was not known even when it was used, 14 percent said they used once a week.

According to another report, millions of viewers have seen many shows in Facebook. Some have seen these shows over and over again.

Some big artists and celebrities are working to prepare a special program for Facebook’s platform. Jada Pantett Smith is one of them. He is working on production show ‘Red Tablet Talk’. Elizabeth Olson will be seen in ‘Suddenly Yourself’. The upcoming woman will be premiere of this drama. Like a reality show called Face Wealth, the British traveler, Bears Grilles, is coming with a reality show.

This video of Facebook has also made programs like ABC, Fox News, Vice and Buzziff for the services.

According to Facebook, this service will help people interact.

According to Facebook department, Vice President of the video department, Fadji Simo, will be communicated with friends, other fans and self-makers regarding the products produced.

Simo tells about Watchtower Feature. According to him, the help of this feature can show both shows simultaneously. Apart from this, video producers can use surveys, challens, quiz etc. to increase the ingredients.

Facebook’s Watch Tower requires some qualifications for people who want to create video content. That video should be longer than 3 minutes. Within two months, the video must have at least 30 thousand people watching a minute. Similarly, there should be more than 10 thousand followers of the office, where the Office Aid brake facility is available.

According to analysts, these terms will be beneficial for free video makers. YouTube producers have also made problems due to YouTube’s own advertising programs, including their own advertising programs. For such people, Facebook’s speech services may be a good option.

According to Facebook, Ad Brake facility will be available from September to December, manufacturers of countries including France, Germany, Norway, Mexico and Thailand.


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