Krishna Ghimire September 3, 2018

Like Facebook now Twitter also plans to start threaded convergence with the status indicator. Now Twitter users can find out who their followers are online for free.

Tweeter’s CEO Jock Dorsey said it on a Friday, revealing this.

The tweet says Dorsey, ‘We will soon be an interesting update on the Microbugging Platform Twitter.’ According to him, there is presence and threading in the new feature. With this he has posted some samples.

With the help of the presence feature, the user will know what the followers are currently online?

Similarly, users from the threading feature can turn any converts as a threaded message.

Saraha Haider, Head of Product Director, Twitter has said in one of her tweet, ‘We provide complete control over the issue of sharing their presence.’

She wrote on Tweet, ‘High Twitter, we’re testing some features so that Twitter can be more interactive. There are presence and reply threadin as a new feature. Now we are working in these features.


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