Krishna Ghimire September 4, 2018

Recharge and Win Offer

What is the “Recharge and Win” proposal?
This offer will receive random code numbers in any number of Nell customers who charge their 100 rupees in any week, which may be eligible for winning one lakh for that week. Every Tuesday winners will be selected randomly by Live show at 7 PM on AP1 TV. Every week ten customers will get one Lakh each.

How much will I receive if I recharge more than 100 in a week?
If you recharge more than 100 through a week, you will get 1 code number in each 100 refill. For example, if you refill 550 rupees in any campaign week, you will receive 5 ticket numbers (550/100 = 5.5).

When should I recharge my account to qualify for offer?
Every campaign weeks starts Sunday-Saturday. So, every recharge done within Sun-Sat will be eligible for that week only. The Ncell Saapati and other Ncell numbers will not be calculated to receive the balance service code number.

When will I get my code number?
You will get your code after the weekend. All eligible customers will receive their code number by the following Monday.

How much have I been charged in a week?
You should dial *17107# and you will get the total recharge amount you have done for that week.

Is there any limit to the entire recharge that I can do in the week?
You can recharge as much as you want.

Will NCELL inform me that I’m a winner?
Yes, the NCELL Customer Communications Center will contact and provide additional information about the process.

When this campaign applies?
This campaign applies until November 10, 2018.


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