Krishna Ghimire September 9, 2018

The dead body has been brought today in the helicopter accident of Altitude Airlines, which was held in Nuwakot this morning.

Chief District Officer, Uttar Bahadur Thapa, informed that the dead bodies were difficult due to the dead bodies and the body was saved in the activation of police and locals throughout the night. Preparation to send the dead bodies to Kathmandu.

There were seven riders on the helicopter with Pilot Nishish KC. Among other passengers, Japanese citizen Hiroomi Komatsu (Passenger number tired 713612068), 40-year-old Delli Bahadur Gurung of Ramechap, Hira Sherpa, 37, of Dolakhha, Loh Aanni Dolpa Dicki of Chumunbri village-2, Chunnabri Nuvu of Chumunbri village and Sunul Tamang, 22, of Sindhupalchok are riders. Were there Six people died in the accident.

Source : Online Khabar

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