Krishna Ghimire September 20, 2018

Galaxy J Series smartphones, which is made by the South Korean company Samsung, are so famous in many Asian countries.

But a recent news that will make J series smartphone users sad.

According to news, Samsung has prepared to break off production of its Galaxy J series smartphone in the near future.

The plan is to phase out the J Series and expand A Series smartphone. A series smartphones are more expensive than the J-series. Now Samsung plan to break off the J Series phones and extend the A series and cover the low-cost smartphones market again.

According to the news, a low-cost A-series smartphone will be available with the headline. Due to which Samsung has said it can compete easily with Chinese smartphones.

According to another news, Samsung will launch M Series smartphone with the removal of the J Series. Which is expected to maintain its strength in Indian and Chinese markets.

Samsung has planned to increase its presence in the market even though it does not increase profit through M series. However, Samsung has not officially confirmed this matter.


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