Krishna Ghimire October 4, 2018

National examination board has announced that class 11 result will be published within this week. According to the examination controller Krishna Sharma, the final preparations are being made for result publication.

According to him, the answer sheet has been verified by keeping it on the computer. Now the student’s attendance is going to be verified. Registrar Sharma said, ‘If there is no technical problem’, the result will be published within three days.

This time, five lakhs 48 thousand students filled the form for examination of Class 11. The board has said it is remaining that how many of them have attempt to exam as per data that has been given to the examination. The examination of Class 11 was conducted on Baishak 30 to Jestha 9.

Sharma claims that this year class 11 results is expected to be published very soon in comparison to the past year.

In the past year, mostly the examination was conducted in Baishak or Jestha, but the results were made published only in Poush or Margh. Result will published with same grading system as per last year.

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