Krishna Ghimire November 18, 2018

Facebook-owned popular photo sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature called Your Activity for its users. Through this feature, the user will be able to know how much time you spend on Instagram.

This feature has a Hamburger icon in the upper corner on the right side of the user’s profile page of the user. Toll has also been given to set the time limit of daily time and mute the notification temporarily.

Users spend hours in Instagram, which affect the user’s mental and physical health. Keeping this in mind, the company announced this feature in the last month. Now the company has started the feature.

Use this new feature in Instagram

1. Login to Instagram

2. Go to the menu settings of the Instagram app

3. Then click on the option called Activity

4. Then you can see the time graph

5. By clicking there you will find out how much time you spent on Instagram that day

6. The option to set a daily reminder is also available

Remember that world’s largest social platform Facebook is also believed to launch this feature soon. According to the news, Facebook will add this feature to the user’s Activity Dashboard, whose name will be placed on your time.

Apple has already launched the same feature for its IOS platform. Which is called screen time feature. Similarly, Google has also brought a feature called Digital Wellness on Android Nine.


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