Krishna Ghimire November 29, 2018

According to a study, the speed of the mobile network is faster than the Wi-Fi internet in different countries in the world.

Download Internet Speed ​​Test in 80 countries: Wi-Fi speeds decreased in 33 countries of the mobile data network.


According to the wireless coverage mapping company Open Signal, mobile data will significantly increase the speed of mobile data.

Many countries have been surveyed, Wi-Fi is the fastest medium for online surfing.

According to Open signal, there is also a reason for ‘WiFi signals’ in many countries. Wi-Fi waves connect or speed problem when there are many Wi-Fi networks in one place.

If there are many high-speed mobile internet wifi in many countries in the world, there is a belief that the Wi-Fi is superior to the mobile network, and it is mentioned in the report that general perception is incorrect.

In the country like Australia, fast mobile data has been downloaded in 13 megabytes of Wi-Fi. In France, Mexico, Turkey and South Africa, the mobile network is also faster than Wi-Fi.

On the other side Hong Kong, America, Thailand, Israel and Russia, Wi-Fi speed is high twice as high as speed in the country.

According to the report, the 4G network is faster 63% compare to 50 countries.

According to the open signal, smartphone manufacturers now have a challenge to prevent the push from Wi-Fi signal than mobile networks.

Recently, the Chinese smartphone company, Huwai, has also made the phone, which can work on the fastest network.

Samsung also has to make smartphones that use Wi-Fi and mobile networks to increase browsing speed.


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