Krishna Ghimire December 12, 2018

Chines Smartphone Company Xiaomi will bring smartphone with a 48-megapixels high-capacity camera for the first time in the world.
According to the announcement of the upcoming January, Xiaomi, the preparatory smartphone has been ready to launch.

Lin Bin, President of Xiaomi Company, confirmed that through social media. The smartphone will have a Snapdragon 675 processor.

Remember that the Sony company launched 48 megapixel Sony IMX 586 sensors in July last year. From September, Sony started selling the sensor. Xiaomi has said company will use Sony’s sensor on its smartphone.

The rear camera lens will be 48 megapixels on the smartphone according to the post shared by Lin Bin.

According to President Lin Bin, he has been using this smartphone for the last few weeks.

According to news reports, China Company Xiaomi can be expected to launch this 48-megapixel camera smartphone at the time of new year 2019. Although nothing has been disclosed about the value of this phone and other features.


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