Krishna Ghimire January 22, 2019

The nails is not only to enhance the beauty of the hand. It also indicates various diseases hidden in the body. The change in the color of the nails gives information about physical and mental health. If white stains, pink socks or shades in the nails, it may be a sign of serious illness. Nail also indicates the problem of liver, heart, fox, skin and mental health problem. Therefore, during the stroke of testing, the fingers of his hands, fingers of feet  are examined. Changing the colors of the nails in humans in the homeopathic medicine method is given importance.

Problem of thyroid

Healthy nails are straight and stained. However, if the nails are broken shortly, the dry skin may have symptoms of thyroid hormone imbalance. Thyroid also causes problems like nerve. Indicates the thyroid hormone imbalance.

If the nails are stirred or painted by color, then the fungal may also be due to the inexperienced.

Skin Cancer

Inside the nose, you should be alert if you look at the depths of a deep circle. If so, it is important to examine the health as quickly as possible. Because such black black skin cancers also indicate signs.

Likewise, if the color of the nails changes, it may have symptoms of fatal disease like other types of cancer. If the color of the nails is swollen, it is a symptom of muscle disease.

Lungs problem

Some of the nail size is like turning on the clock. This also indicates the problem like oxygen, Lungs tumor. Similarly, if the nail is shaped, it indicates skin-related illness and mental problems.

Genetic problem

If there is a line in the top of the nails, it can be a sign of natural or vaginal disease. Not only that, this color also shows the possibility of arthritis, colitis, such as disease.

Nail color is getting blue, oxygen deficiency, respiratory problems, or heart disease may also be caused.


The color of the nail can be seen half-rose and half-white. Such colors indicate diabetes. But if nail is very white, it could be due to anemia.


History of medical history is that in ancient times, there was no modern diagnosis of disease like today. At that time Ayurvedic used to detect the disease of nausea, tongue, and hand foot during the physical examination of the patient. They also made a successful treatment of serious illness on this basis.

When the development of homeopathy therapy in 1790, then examining the patient’s disease and taking various steps of hands-by-step, by centering the center, on the basis of nose, color, shape, change, and identifying disease, and being treated successful accordingly.

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