Krishna Ghimire February 22, 2019

South Korean company Samsung launched galaxy smartphone first time in 2010. In between these ten years company has crossed a big deal of success before the completion of 10 years of Galaxy series.

The company’s executive, DJ Koh, told about this achievement at the launch event of the Galaxy S10 series.

According to the data published by the CEO of the company in Unpacked 2019 Evening organized in San Francisco, America. Samsung has sold more than 2 billion Galaxy smartphones so far.

Although he did not clarify any of the smartphones of the model that Samsung sold so far. Although most of the two billion phones sold, Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are no doubt. Also, some models like Galaxy A, Galaxy C and Galaxy J are popular in various countries of the world. Additionally, all of them have exceeded the sales record of 2 billion.

Meanwhile, Samsung has announced three new smartphones of its Galaxy S10 series on Wednesday. It has Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung also launches its first foldable smartphone with the launch of Galaxy S10 series. Galaxy Fold will be the unique smartphone for the Samsung models. It also features a plan to launch the Fifth Live variants of this foldable phone in the near future.


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