Krishna Ghimire February 26, 2019

Nokia’s new smartphone Nokia 9 will be the smartphone by offering its best photo quality by capturing images with 5 camera simultaneously.

After taking a photo from Nokia’s phone, five main cameras living in the back part will take photographs and all photos will be captured by all these cameras.

This will create a picture of the best quality camera by combining images captured from all five camera available on it.

Thus, together with 5 photographs captured in the camera, the visible picture of micro and with depth clarity have prepared, which Nokia has claimed to be maximized to the picture without affecting its original condition. Picture will be like natural.

According to Nokia, the camera taking cameras will be up to 200 megapixel resolution.

However, some analysts have said that this device would be challenging for the smartphone market.

It has 5 wide rear cameras of Nokia 9 smartphone of 12 megapixel. Also, for depth reading, it has infrared sensor.

Two of them have red-gray-blue sensors for capturing color in the camera. There are other three monochrome sensors.

According to the Nokia-based proprietary brand HMD Global, although the camera is less capable of cutting-edge digital cameras, this smartphone camera is excellent than any of the smartphones available till now.

The Nokia Pure View smartphone has been announced in the Mobile World Conference. Nokia 9 will be priced $699.


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