Krishna Ghimire March 16, 2019

The Social Networking Platform Facebook has started a new feature for its Messenger app users. The name of the new feature which is recently started by Facebook is the ‘Dark Mode’ feature.

Facebook has brought this feature to users on both Android and iOS platforms.

During the F8 conference in October last year, Facebook announced that they would bring ‘Dark Mode’ Feature to Messenger. Messenger’s Dark Mode feature will give users a unique experience.

How To Activate this Messenger in Dark Mode feature

In order to activate the Dark Mode feature in Facebook Messenger, you will first have to send a emoji to any one friend while chatting i.e. crescent moon to chat.

While sender’s message will be received, automatically the ‘Dark Mode’ feature will be available in the message, after sending the emoji. Then you’ll need to turn on Messenger settings by going to the Dark Mode.

With the Dark Mode feature unseen Messenger will have a background dark. You can also turn off Messenger mode by going to Messenger settings.

Facebook has been adding many features to its Messenger users for the last time. Messenger’s interface has been updated and redeemed. Apart from this, the messaging feature has also been added.

Also Facebook was working publicly for some time before the Social Networking platform WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram integration. The Facebook Messenger, which started in 2011, has a population of around one and a half billion.


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