Krishna Ghimire March 18, 2019

We hear that people who are using their smartphone, complain about the phone heating mostly. We may have probably experienced heating of our smartphone normally.

It’s natural to heat a phone while calling, charging, playing games or playing videos for a long time.

Adding features to the smartphone increases overheating issues in a smartphone, which is not a new problem because it increases processing time for a processor which make more battery consumption and increase heating problems. But sometimes the phone may become heat while problem comes with mobile hardware and software. Mobile phones can be used to reduce heating issues and number of serious problems. Some of these measures are:

1. Do not keep in sunlight: Smartphone should not be kept in a hot sunlight that is directly interact with it. This increases the temperature of the phone. Smartphones with plastic-backed designs have a high risk of sunlight. According to the study, for long periods of time the touchscreen of the phone also has a negative effect. That’s why it’s appropriate to keep a mobile phone in the bag while traveling on a sunny day.

2. Do not charge by putting in sofa and bed: Smartphone emits heat when charging its battery. So keeping on the bed or sofa and charging the mobile, preventing the heat from the couch or the bed surface that prevents from the mobile. Due to which the temperature of mobile increases. So mobile charging should be placed on the floor, table, or so on surface.

3. Removing the cover when charging: Removing the outer shell while charging the mobile is good. The shell prevents the emitted heat from the mobile due to which the heat radiates the cell. Charging the cell can cause the emitted heat out of the mobile due to which mobile phones are not heated.

4. Do not miss on charge overnight: Most of us sleep at night time by apply mobile on charging. But it’s not good to do that. It only decrease the life of mobile phones and battery consumption also.

5. Removing apps that run in Background: Some apps that are running in the background even when not running mobile. So, the battery charge of mobile phones and the processing with the apps of the mobile also increase heating. This increases the risk of mobile phones heating issues. So such applications should be identified and kept uninstalled.

6. Do not use other chargers and batteries: When using a mobile phone or using a new charger, the charger of the smartphone should be use which is come with it. Using other brands and types of chargers, it impacts battery and mobile devices. Even when using outer batteries, there is a problem with charging and mobile phone problems.


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