Krishna Ghimire March 20, 2019

Would you like to write? Do you want to make your articles a medium to make a home-based budget? If you are one in millions of people, then you can start writing from today. Through online media, you can write your articles to make cash.

Internet accessibility, Facebook, Twitter, social network, easy access to readers and easy access to Google Adsense, can be easily accessed from the article.

How to get started a blog?

For this, you can choose Google Blogger, WordPress, to create an account on the free site. Then there should be a blog designing and starting writing according to your wish. For earning, you must be able to create the contents for your site and your site should reach between more and more readers. Because the more readers read your articles the same time they see ads coming on your blog and then you will earn more. Therefore, the reader should pay attention to the articles that they likes most.

Language selection for your blog

As far as possible, we should use a common language. Some advertisers like AdSense support all languages, but ad networks operating by popular advertisers such as Google and the operating system of Microsoft and Yahoo can not support Nepali or Hindi language because they can reduce the amount of earning. Therefore, income can be increased by using English or any other prevalent language.

How to Choose Advertiser for blog?

Choosing an advertiser First of all, you should take care of the language of the article you write. Then the thing that matters is advertising. Some advertisers have kept a lot of advertising rates, but some are very few. Make a list of advertisers according to rate. Then the matter comes from a withdrawal method. It is not possible for all advertisers to take money in Nepal, so it is possible to choose which is possible, otherwise it is not only hard to take money that is possible, and sometimes it is impossible.

What to do? If many advertisers did not support the blog 

All advertisers can not support blogs. If you create such a situation, you can create your own website. Let’s say your article goes on and you do not like the advertisement rate, but you can get ads from other advertisers, but for that you need to be your own website that you can make. No programming language should be known for this.

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