Krishna Ghimire April 13, 2019

Smart licensing is a system which consists of license holder’s information stored in a small chip. The small chip which have software inside to manage license holder’s information any time. Smart license are formulated in such a way that they are easy to under stand and can be used by everyone.


Smart Licenses are the legal representation of the owner that will allow rights to owners a simple means to offer and trade content globally in a secure and reliable way, which is open and transparent, automated and machine-readable way on the content included on it. Smart License included different contents on it which are mentioned here in License:


New smart license introduced in Nepal in 2015 and the people who have their old license can exchange their license with new Smart License. It include:

  • Small plastic card embedded with an IC chip.
  • Chip can be either a memory or microprocessor type.
  • Useful for storing and transacting data.
  • Data is associated with either value, information or both.

Accordingly, Smart Licenses will offer intermediaries related information of owner and provides users an easy access to content related to smart licenses which work potentially automated manner.









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