Krishna Ghimire April 23, 2019

Nepal’s own satellite landscape is connected to the International Center for International Satellite at the lower cell of the Earth.

Nepal Science and Technology Promotion Establishment (Nast) conferred a press conference on its own office in Khumlatar of Lalitpur on Monday, and the information provided by the International Space Center in the lower room of space, which is reflected at the distance of 400 km from the surface of the Earth van.

Nepali satellite made by student, Abash Maske and Engineer Hariram Shrestha, who had been studying in Japan, had been sent to International Space Center from NASA’s Rocket launch center, in the United States of America, according to the Nepalese Satellite Time, which was scheduled Baishak 5 at 2:31 AM.

Nepali 2.jpg

According to the Nepali time, Nepali satellite has been reached after 36 hours 40 minutes in next day Baishak 6 in Nepalese time 3:13 AM, it was successful to connect to the International Space Center, informed by the Suresh Kumar Dhangel. After one and half months now, the Nepali satellite will be able to revolve the Earth where it is in the intermediate and will also establish a contact at the ground station to be built in the earth.

Nast has also estimated that the cost of the satellite will be 2 crore rupees. Spokesman Dhungel told the statement that the money has been derived from the ministry. Nepal has sent its own satellite space to the disaster management, rural development as well as the development of information technology.

Meanwhile, the Nepal Science and Technology Promotion Foundation will be organizing an interactive program on earthquake risk reduction, reminding of the destructive earthquake that took place on December 7, Spokesman Dhungel said that the program will be useful for organizing earthquake risk and the program is going to be organized in collaboration with Nepal Geographical Society.


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