Krishna Ghimire July 1, 2019

NEB has changed the enrollment criteria in 2073 and applied till now:

National Examination Board has changed the enrollment criteria for Grade 11. Two main decisions are :

  1. Students who has scored 1.6 GPA in SEE examination are eligible to enroll in the vocational programs for Grade 11 (Animal Science, Plant Science, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering or Computer Engineering) of NEB. No need to meet any individual subject criteria which is mentioned in the previous notice.
  2. Students who has scored D+ in particular subjects (which required C according to previous notice) are now eligible to enroll in that selected program. e.g. Students who scored C+ in Science and Mathematics and D+ in English, Social Studies and Nepali are now eligible to study Grade 11 in Science.
  3. The students who want to study in Science groups must have achieved minimum of 2 GPA.
  4. A student who has scored minimum of passed GPA at least 1.6 can get admission in any other stream of Grade 11. However to get admission there are some conditions that has to be fulfilled by the student. 

    NEB has requested to all the affiliated colleges and campuses around Nepal to follow this given enrollment criteria. To read the information in details look at the image given below.

    Grade 11 Enrollment-1

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