Krishna Ghimire August 20, 2019


To all who attended the NEB Grade 11 examination 2076. First of best wished and hope everyone get the expected result. Everyday hundreds of student asking us about the Grade 11 2076 result date. Today we would like to focus on when NEB will publish Grade 11 result 2076. How does it get set? How are the date fixed and all.

The examination of grade 11 was held on Baishakh 29, 2076 to Jestha 08, 2076. In the last year, National Examination published the results of Grade 11 in Ashwin Month which was two months before than the previous years, but this time, it is planning to publish the result before the start of Ashwin month.  Grade 11 results of 2075 BS was published on Ashwin 20, 2075. 

As per the latest information received by,  National Examination Board (NEB) is trying to publish the result of Grade XI  in between this month Bhadra. Few days ago, NEB officials has shared that they will publish result before the end of this month.

Nearly 5 lakh students are waiting for the results of Grade XI.  Result of Grade 11 will be published as it published in last year in Grading System.

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