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1. How to subscribe/unsubscribe Caller Tune Service (CRBT) in NTC ?

To subscribe/activate the caller tunes service in Ntc, you need to

  • Either send a message sub to 1455.
  • You can chose a song by knowing the tone id in advance and send in the format “Sub tone ID” to 1455.
  • You can even select a song by listening through 1455 IVR call. Just make a call to 1455 to select the top songs of the day, top 10 Nepali songs, English songs and more.
  • Simply dial *9 to copy any caller tune during the caller tune play time. You can even unsubscribe the caller tunes service from IVR.

You can also use another method through USSD. For which, you need to dial *1455# to go to the main menu and select accordingly under several categories.

Subscription can also be done from IVR from 1455. Detail Flow for IVR based Subscription is as below:

  • User Dials 1455 & various Categories will be displayed like (Top10, Nepali Songs, etc)
  • User can go under any category
  • Once user Enters any category, the list of songs will be displayed
  • User can subscribe the song for all Callers & for Special Callers
  • User can Unsubscribe also from IVR

To unsubscribe or deactivate the CRTB or caller tunes in Ntc, you can do it by SMS.

  • By SMS, you can remove CRBT service by send a message unsub to 1455.


2. How to subscribe and un-subscribe from MCA service?
There are two ways to subscribe/unsubscribe MCA service, Viz. USSD or SMS methods.

  • Using USSD
    You have to dial *1400# and select required option (1, 2 or 3) out of the menu shown.Menu will appear as given below.
    a) Subscribe
    b) Unsubscribe
    c) Status
  • Using SMS Keyword
    a. Subscription :Type sub mca and send SMS to 1400
    b. Unsubscription :Type unsub mca and send SMS to 1400
    c. Status :Type status and send SMS to 1400

3. How to activate/deactivate the Namaste Credit service?

  • Before activate check your status by type STATUS and send SMS to 1477 to know your status.
  • If you want to activate NAMASTE CREDIT facility, please type START and send SMS to 1477.

    To deactivate

  • If you are already activated but don’t want to use the Namaste Credit facility even if it has no extra charge, please follow this step.
  • To deactivate Namaste Credit, you have to type STOP and send SMS to the number 1477. The service will deduct the credit limit and send you a confirmation message.

4. How can I activate/deactivate Namaste Prepaid Roaming Service?
You don’t need to visit NT counters to subscribe this service. Just dial *1415*7# from your prepaid mobile and choose the option in the list to subscribe Prepaid Roaming Service. You can also subscribe this service via “Nepal Telecom” app.


After dial 1415*7# from your prepaid mobile type 2 (Roaming Service) and Send

Now another screed look like this


Type 1 (Activation) and Send to activate roaming service.

Type 2 (Deactivation) and send to deactivate roaming service.

5. To subscribe or unsubscribe some value added service.

There are lots of complain from the people around the country who were in trouble for finding the way to unsubscribe the services which are they once got registered somehow. For the services like nagarik news, horoscope, Buzz missed call, jokes and voice chat. People have no option other than either going to telecom office to know the way or continue paying for the service monthly or to deactivate the services. Most of the services costs around Rs 30-40 per month and the subscription/un-subscription SMS costs Rs 3 per each message sent. Here are the ways to subscribe and unsubscribe for some services in NTC SIM.

  • To subscribe Nagarik news, send a SMS with sub<space>news to 7000,
  • To unsubscribe Nagarik news, send a SMS  with unsub<space>news to 7000,
  •  To subscribe jokes, send a SMS with sub<space>jokes to 9999,
  •  To subscribe Buzz MCA, send a SMS with sub to 5000,
  •  To unsubscribe Buzz MCA, write unsub in your message box and send it to 5000.
  • To subscribe Voice Chat, dial 1608 and go with the announcement.
  • To subscribe rashi, send a sms with rashi<space>ur_rashi* to 9999.

* write your rashi keyword for your_rashi as shown below.

Studio Beta.jpg

For example: To subscribe rashi for mithun, send a SMS with rashi mit to 9999.

For other subscription details, follow the tips given in picture below.
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