Krishna Ghimire March 22, 2020

(NEB) has published the exam centers for the students of Grade 11 and Grade 12. Exam center for examination of Grade 11 and 12 for academic year 2076-77.

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The examination of Grade 12 will be held  from 8 Baishakh, 2077 to 18 Baishakh, 2077 and the exam of Grade 11 will be held from 21 Baishakh 2077 to 31 Baisakh, 2077 in the following exam centers which are mentioned below.


Examination time will be start from 7: 00 am to 10 am. 


Click the following links to view the exam centers.


Click here to view the exam routine of Grade 11 and 12.

Click here to view the exam centers all over Nepal for Grade 11 and 12.

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