Krishna Ghimire

Krishna Ghimire August 29, 2018

In the present era of information technology, people do not have to pay for cutting-edge and excellent feature computers and other gadgets. But in the race of newness, some decade’s old things are also priceless. Apple’s company built in the startup phase has become very rarely not only very rare. The same original and rare […]

Krishna Ghimire August 29, 2018

The number of internet users in China has reached 80 million. However, now every five people are told that 2 Chinese citizens are outside the internet. The world’s most populous country, according to China Internet users, is also the world’s largest country. According to analysts, the number of internet users in China increased rapidly in […]

Krishna Ghimire August 27, 2018

Mr. DJ Koh Global President of IT and Mobile Communication has announced the most powerful note Galaxy Note-9 at the time of a grand ceremony at Kathmandu. Media, co-affiliates of its partner organization and Galaxy-9, provided the first sheet of Note-9 to 9 faithful people elected from West Asian countries. Galaxy Note-9 is the latest […]

Krishna Ghimire August 27, 2018

In 2011, with lots of trends and discussions, Google launched its social media platforms Google Plus. But despite the tremendous effort, Google Plus is not able to gain popularity among the Internet users. As a matter of fact, the closing point of closing Google plus platforms has started discussions about reaching Google. Google has formally […]

Krishna Ghimire August 24, 2018

Second-phase computer based language examination (CBT) is starting from Friday to provide employment opportunity to the returning Nepali workers working in South Korea. You can download Test date and seat plan from this link : Test Date and CBT Plan for 2nd CBT Test EPS Korea Branch has nominated 330 candidates for the CBT examination. […]

Krishna Ghimire August 21, 2018

Laptops have become a requirement today; Laptop has become an integral part of human life for 50 years from a six year old. Since technology revolves around life, there is no doubt that someone wants to get the best out of it. But the question is, what bothers us which laptop to buy for our […]

Krishna Ghimire August 18, 2018

Although there are places where 4G has not yet reached, people should not stop talking about 5G, its services and applications. After all, this is the future of mobile communication technology. When we talk of 5G, this is not only the speed of the data like fiber. But it will be a major revolution in […]