Krishna Ghimire February 15, 2020

After processing the DV lottery result, we have to go with documents needed for further processing. Every winner must have to include scan copy of their original documents which is needed for a DV lottery process. In the process of second letter winner must have to fill DS260 form with all the scan copy of […]

Krishna Ghimire December 11, 2019

Bholi Thursday kirat samudayako ugauli parba, newar samudayako yomri punahi (jyapu divas) parcha. dherai bhittepatroharuma yo dinlai rato janayera sarwajanik bida janayiyeko cha. Tara khasma bihibar sarkarle sarwajanik bida diyeko chaina. Ministry of Home Affairs le 2075 Chaitramai jari gareko naya barsaka bidasambandhi suchanama yo din kirat samudaya ra newar samudaya matra sarwajanik bida hune […]

Krishna Ghimire June 28, 2019

South Korea has published the result of EPS (Korean Language) on Friday. This test was held on June 8 and June 9 this year. For EPS-TOPIK (Korean Language) 92,376 applicant have registered their application for this year’s Korean language test, which is 10,112 more than the previous year. According to South Korea, the Korean government […]

Krishna Ghimire April 12, 2019

Online shopping trend now going upper level in Nepal also. Like the different online seller which are successful in online marketing Amazon, Flipcart, Alibaba and many more. Daraz which provides online shopping in Nepal also standing in Nepal to provide customers different product online. Daraz started new year 2076 sale in Nepal now. They are […]

Krishna Ghimire March 26, 2019

According to the Federation of Nepalese Gold/silver traders, gold price is being traded at Rs 60,500 tola. Earlier on Monday, the price of gold was sold at Rs 60,600. Similarly, in the Tejabi Gold business is going on 60,200 tola. According to the Federation, the silver is being traded at Rs 740 tola.

Krishna Ghimire March 24, 2019

The last time the PUBG game has become so popular in a mobile user that many people have trapped on the addiction of it. Especially the negative impact caused by this game in children and teenagers, due to this online game which make more addiction while playing. This game is banned in some neighboring cities […]

Krishna Ghimire March 24, 2019

This year’s Secondary Education (SEE) Exam has begun today. SEE exams held first time under federal structure. According to the examination office, the examination will start everyday from 8 am in the morning. Examination Controller Vishnu Adhikari informed that the examination will be conducted for 4 lakhs 75 thousand candidates all over the country. In […]