Krishna Ghimire May 22, 2019

Last week, the US President Donald Trump administration placed Huawei’s business in blacklist. After such a blacklisting, American companies have come to break their business relationship with Chinese smartphone company Huawei. Eventually Google Internet has decided to break collaboration with Huawei. It will no longer be accessible to updates on Google’s Android operating system over […]

Krishna Ghimire April 11, 2019

The government has banned PUBG game in Nepal. The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has banned PUBG to play by people from Thursday. Communications and Information Technology Minister Gokul Baskota said that due to PUBG game, some of the incident has happens with the teenagers to attempt suicide by addicting on PUBG game. Authorities spokesperson Meen Prasad […]

Krishna Ghimire April 2, 2019

Google’s social network ‘Google plus’ has closed since the morning. Google has also closed its e-mail app inbox. This information was given prior to sending the notification to the user. Google Plus was opened in 2011, main purpose of the google+ is for challenging Facebook and twitter. It could be used in other social networks […]

Krishna Ghimire April 1, 2019

विश्वमा भएका सबै फोनहरु त्यो सस्तो होस् वा महँगो होस् सबै फोनमा IMEI Number हुन्छ जसको मदद्ले मोबाइललाई चिन्न सकिन्छ सबै मोबाइल मा IMEI Number फरक हुन्छ त्यसैले जस्तो खालको मोबाइल वा कुनैपनि कम्पनीको मोबाइल होस् IMEI Number बिना त्यो मोबाइलले काम गर्न सक्दैन त्यसैले गर्दा IMEI Number को बारेमा हामी सबैलाई जानकारी हुन जरुरि […]

Krishna Ghimire September 24, 2018

We can use our smartphone anywhere else. What is the solution when smartphone heating while using? Turn off mobile, keep away and make it useless, put on pocket etc. Occasionally, if you are not using your phone, but mobile heat continuously. After all, why is the phone overheating mostly? In fact it may have different […]

Krishna Ghimire September 23, 2018

As a result of paying penalty for Google and Facebook, the European Union has seen another American company Amazon is going to under investigation. About possible trades, the European Union has announced that they will investigate on the Amazon. Speaking at the press conference of Brasaels in Wednesday, the union’s competent commissioner Margreath Westster revealed. […]

Krishna Ghimire September 8, 2018

The e-commerce company Amazon has become the world’s second-largest company with an estimated $ 10 billion dollar market value. Following Amazon, as the world’s first company to cross $10 trillion dollars, is Amazon, has created history. The market value of the Amazon Company has reached $10 billion, with the share of the Amazon’s share price […]

Krishna Ghimire September 8, 2018

What do you do if you do not know the answer to some questions or have any problems or if you need more information about any topic? Many respond: Google Google is now part of our daily livelihood. Internet users call Google as their friends and teachers. This week Google has been 20 years old. […]

Krishna Ghimire September 3, 2018

Like Facebook now Twitter also plans to start threaded convergence with the status indicator. Now Twitter users can find out who their followers are online for free. Tweeter’s CEO Jock Dorsey said it on a Friday, revealing this. The tweet says Dorsey, ‘We will soon be an interesting update on the Microbugging Platform Twitter.’ According […]

Krishna Ghimire September 3, 2018

After the long-lasting, eventually the upcoming Apple iPhone has made its new iPhone public in September 12. Apple has started sending invites to media for a grand ceremony of that new publication. On the basis of the same invitation, the date of publication of the new iPhone has been revealed. Although Apple did not reveal […]